NATA accreditation No.18750
This facility is a Public testing service and complies with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2005

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Australian Hydrotesting is the contractor of choice for hydrostatic pressure testing of gas and liquid petroleum pipelines. Since 1993, we have been a Laboratory for field pressure testing of pipelines. All strength, leak and combined pressure tests are conducted in accordance with AS/NZS 2885.5:2002. In Australia, pressure testing services are essential – and choosing the right company is very important.

We prepare a Test Program prior to conducting the hydrostatic pressure test. The Test Program will meet client specifications. It will outline the test procedure and will include the list of certified equipment to be used during the test.

A report will be compiled for the client upon completion of the test. The report will contain all the necessary documentation required to meet the client's requests and the Australian Standard.

The filling of pipelines by Tank Calibrators is conducted in accordance with AS/NZS 2885.5:2002. This will ensure that there is a minimal volume of air entrapped in the test section by employing the best possible fill rates and pigging techniques.

De-watering & Drying
Prior to drying, Tank Calibrators will de-water the pipeline in the most efficient manner, taking into account safety and environmental factors.

After de-watering, drying of the pipeline is carried out to meet the dewpoint specifications required for the final product. This will prevent corrosion or unacceptable moisture content in the product flow.

When it comes to selecting an Australian pressure testing service, Australian Hydrotesting is your company of choice. We have more than 50 years’ experience in the field.



Bulk Storage Tanks
Calibrated by the strapping method (most accurate), Optical Reference Line method or the Internal Electro-Optical Distance Ranging methods using a Total Station. All calibration work is carried out under the terms of our Quality Assurance certification.

Vertical Cylindrical Tanks
Calibrated as for bulk storage tanks. Floating roof tanks and fixed cone roof tanks fitted with internal floating raft are provided with an additional page of tables showing the quantities to be deducted throughout the partial zone of displacement and the quantity to be deducted when the roof or raft is fully afloat in a range of product densities.

Horizontal Cylindrical Tanks
These are either strapped or calibrated by liquid transfer using our certified master flow meter. Inclination is taken into account. The ends can be flat, ellipsoidal, spherical segment, hemispherical or conical. Calibration tables or graduated dipsticks in litres or gallons can be provided.

LPG vessels
These are calibrated as for horizontal cylindrical tanks and the calibration tables can show litres, cubic metres or tonnes versus 5mm of slip tube measurements. A table showing percentages of total capacity in 0.1% increments can also be provided.

Vehicle Tanks
Cylindrical or elliptical tanks are calibrated by liquid transfer or internal measurements to produce a chart or dipstick. The internal measurements of elliptical tankers supplied by off-shore owners has proven to be economical when a chart or dipstick can be supplied by our use of cubic spline interpolation methods.

Rail Tank Cars
These are calibrated by liquid transfer through our certified master flow meter and an ullage dipstick produced.

Wine & Spirit Vats
Wooden vats are calibrated by internal diameters - four (4) per 250mm level of height. Stainless steel vats are calibrated by strapping or internal diameters.

Farm Milk Tanks
These are calibrated by liquid transfer through our certified master flow meter. The stainless steel dipsticks are graduated in increments according to the maximum capacity.

Road Tankers
Road Tankers are calibrated by means of volumetric metering using our 'Avery Hardoll' master meter. This master meter is calibrated by our 200 Litre prover, which is certified by the Office of Fair Trading. Dipsticks and certificates are then produced to meet client specification.

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NATA accredited for

13.64 Pipelines
Strength, leak and combined pressure tests up to 70000kPa on pipelines to AS/NZS 2885.5

13.65 Pipes, hoses, valves and fittings
.11 Hydrostatic pressure tests
Tests on pipes to AS/NZS 2566.2, AS 4041 and ASME B31.3 up to 70000kPa

13.66 Cylinders and other pressure vessels
.11 Hydrostatic pressure tests
Tests to AS 1210, AS 1228, AS 3788 clause D15 only and AS 4037 up to 70000kPa


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OUR accreditation

We are Quality Assured to AS/NZS ISO 9002.
Our tank calibration and pipeline testing standards meet the IP, API and ASTM standards.
Accredited for hydrostatic pressure testing of pipelines, cylinders and pressure vessels to 60MPa in accordance with:

Chart Recorders
AS 2885.5 :2002
AS 1210 :SUPP 1:1990
AS 3788 :2001
AS 4041 :1999

Pressure Transducers
AS 1210 :1997
AS 1210 :SUPP 2:1990
AS 4037 :1999
ASME B 31.3 :1996


In addition to offering Australian pressure testing services, we also have the following range of pressure measurement equipment for hire:

Intrinsically Safe Electronic Pressure Transducers

Chart Recorders

Pressure Gauge range up to 25000 kPa